If you have any specific questions - please get in touch on social media or email sales@creativejigsaws.co.uk

What are name jigsaws used for?


Quite a lot - more than we initially envisaged! 

  • New baby arrival gifts - brilliant for a 'hello world' baby flat lay photo!


  • Name recognition and learning to spell activities


  • Children's birthday gifts


  • Children's crafting activity (unpainted)


  • Christmas stocking fillers


  • End of school year gifts


  • Religious and naming ceremonies


  • Toy box and bedroom door decoration


  • Nursery decoration


How much are your jigsaws?

Unpainted names - 80p per letter

Painted names - £1.10 per letter

We have always tried to keep the price as low as possible as we know they are a great value quality gift that people love!

P&P is £2.20 for one name and £3.50 (total) for multiple names placed on one order.


Our other handmade jigsaw and wooden products vary - take a look here for more details.

How big are the name jigsaws?

Name jigsaws start with a Capital letter & the rest of the letters are lower case.


Hand-cut on 9mm mdf wood

and hand-painted

Capital letter - 82mm (3 1/4 inches)

Lower case - 52mm (2 inches)

How long do the names take to arrive once ordered?

Our name jigsaws are lovingly handmade so we allow up to 14 days from order online to home delivery.


Every jigsaw is made to order. So when an order comes in, we mark out, hand-cut, hand-paint, leave to dry and then get them ready to ship.


Depending on the volume of orders we will always try to get jigsaws out as quickly as possible and often is quicker than 14 days.

Do the names stand up?

Our jigsaws are designed to lay flat as a puzzle are are not intended to stand up.


The bottom does have some width to allow standing HOWEVER any names with g,j,q,y,p will not stand up because they are lower case.


Name jigsaws look really cool stuck to a door or toy box and we sell individual free-standing wooden letters that can be used for decoration here > 

Which paint should I use when personalising at home?

Unpainted name jigsaws can be personalised at home!


We recommend any water based paint that you probably already have in your craft box - Take a look at hobby craft or your local craft shop.


To get a glossy finish you could use some crafting varnish - 'Pebeo' for example is a brand we would recommend.


Get creative and remember to tag us in or use the hashtag #creativejigsaws so we can see your creative jigsaw creations!

Can you do hyphens and accents on names?

Hyphens - Yes! Ellie-Rose, Georgia-May, Ava-Mila for example look great as name jigsaws! They are classed as an extra letter when ordering so make sure you take that into account when counting how many letters you require

Accents - unfortunately not. We have tried but they don't quite work and we don't like small edges that can break easily.